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Chantry is an ArcheryGB registered club with Affiliations to NCAS & YAA. Some of our members have affiliations to BLBS & NFAS. Our membership includes men, women and children, aged 9 and upwards. Many of these engage in a range of tournaments both locally and through out the country.

For those who want to get involved with archery we run a beginner course including all the training you need to make a start, checkout the Beginners Course for all the details.

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Club Subscriptions Due

Subscriptions are due before 20th August so that they can be processed and submitted to Archery GB before the September 1st deadline. This will ensure that new membership cards are issued promptly by Archery GB.

Annual subscriptions for 2017/18 are £85.00 for Seniors and £25.00 for Juniors. Life Members pay affiliations only which amounts to £49.00. Associate members pay £36.00. Changes to the Archery GB fee structure means that adults under 25 pay a reduced rate of £50.00 if they supply their date of birth. The same rate of £50.00 also applies to adult disabled archers paying their affiliations through the Club.

All members should ensure to get their subscription to the club secretary Debbie Titterton, who will be at practice nights on the 8th, 10th, 15th and 17th of August.

While we try to e-mail a form to all members we appreciate that not all members receive these messages so a copy of the form is also available for download here.

On Target - The Newsletter of Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham

The pdf for this newsletter is available for download here Issue 74 Part 1 Issue 74 Part 2

Upcoming Dates

Sunday July 30th Chantry Club Championships, see our events page.

Saturday August 12th Chantry Triple Clout Shoot , see our events page.

Wednesday August 30th Club Committee meeting - 7.30 pm at Phoenix Sports and Social Club

Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham Chantry Longbow Shoot (6th May)

Martin, Pat and John stand ready to join the shooting line. Geoff and Trev prepare to draw for the next shot. Martin helps the junior competitors score their arrows at a shorter distance.

Fifty longbow archers, (plus a few guest recurve archers), some from as far away as Preston, met at Chantry Bowmen's outdoor shooting venue at Phoenix Sports and Social Club, Brinsworth to compete in the annual Chantry Longbow Shoot, comprising of 8 dozen arrows shot during the day; 4 dozen at 60 yards in the morning and 4 dozen at 50 yards in the afternoon for the adults, and the same number at a shorter distance for the juniors.

A cold, strong and fitful wind blew diagonally across the shooting field causing many of the archers problems as the shoot was a 'Two Way', i.e. shooting one way and then back.

Despite this some very respectable scores were produced and the event was held in the usual atmosphere of friendly rivalry and good sportsmanship, with the honours spread among a number of clubs.

A pleasing number of junior archers were among the competitors.

Tony Jones

Final Results

Summary of results:- (Results are by number of hits. Score and number of golds are used to differentiate between archers with the same number of hits)

Short Jun Western
Ladies1 Janice Parrott White Rose Archers 56 252 3
2 Kelly Marsh Chantry Bowmen 56 246 4
3 Sharon Revel All Abilities A/C 53 225 5
GENTS 1 Richard Allen York Archers 94 548 18
2 Pat Revel All Abilities A/C 92 522 14
3 David Whitham White Rose Archers 83 407 16
Jun Girl U141 Rhianna Wood Wakefield Archers 81 441 11
2 Millie Bartrop Chantry Bowmen 77 365 7
Jun Boy U141 Joseph Guerrero Burton Bridge 88 484 15


  • 1st Team Chantry Bowmen 1593
    1. Colin Hope 87 385 7
    2. Trevor West 86 406 12
    3. Lee Bartrop 85 411 7
    4. Pete Tittton 75 391 13

2nd Team Burton Bridge 1212

Other Awards

  • Best Gold Lewis Mitchell, Arrowflight
  • Worst White Roger Kent Burton Bridge
  • Jack & Jill Kay Jordan & Lewis Mitchell 611
  • Best Red Paul Garner Pastures COA
  • Agincourt Volleys
    1. Ladies Kay Jordan Chantry Bowmen
    2. Gents Lee Bartrop Chantry Bowmen
    3. Juniors Joseph Guerrero Burton Bridge
Review of Chantry Results

Numbers In Red Are Position By Score

2 2 Kelly Marsh 56 246 4
8 9 Kay Jordan 38 162 3
11 4 Colin Hope 87 385 7
9 5 Trevor West 86 406 12
7 7 Lee Bartrop 85 411 7
10 15 Peter Tittton 75 391 13
24 17 Ian Mycroft 75 305 5
19 18 Stewart Atkinson 74 328 6
18 20 Steve Hickling 72 332 8
14 21 Tony Jones 72 340 7
26 26 John Ferrier 62 262 4
Junior Girl U14
2 2 Millie Bartrop 77 365 7
Junior Boy U14
3 3 Daniel Stevens 73 323 3
Full results can be accessed on our events page or directly here.

The Society of Archers and

The Antient Silver Arrow

The Worlds oldest recorded and longest
established sporting event dating back to 1673

The Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham hosted this the world's longest established and oldest recorded sporting event at Phoenix Sports and Social Club, Brinsworth. The event dates back to 1673 and was first shot for in Scorton Village, North Yorkshire. This year was the 309th recorded annual meeting in the 345th year of the Antient Silver Arrow.

The shooting line was crowded with gentlemen archers from across the country.
The shooting line crowded with archers

Archers from across the country were among the nearly 100 gentlemen who attended the shoot (Ladies have their own shoot later in the year). The Scorton Silver Arrow is made of solid silver and is normally kept securely in the Royal Armouries in Leeds, but is released to be displayed at the event. The Captain gets to keep a replica for a year.

David McClaren from St. George's Archery Club in Harrogate became 'Captain of the Arrow' 2017.
David McClaren the new captain of the arrow

The winner is the first gentleman to hit the 3 inch centre Black Spot at 100 yards and becomes 'Captain of the Arrow'. He takes on the responsibility to arrange the next year's meeting, assisted by a Lieutenant, who is the first gentleman to hit the Red.

Each archer is on his honour to mark his own score. Fines are collected for rule infringements or unseemly or ungentlemanly behaviour. Proceeds of this 'swear bag' are given to the retiring captain's chosen charity. (This year the Yorkshire Air Ambulance).

The field was set up early in brilliant sunshine, but soon after shooting began ominous clouds gathered, threatening rain. On the first end, Chantry recurve archer Peter Rogers became the Lieutenant of the arrow by hitting the red section of the target. A few ends later the 'Black Spot' was hit by longbow archer David McClaren from St. George's Archery Club in Harrogate who became 'Captain of the Arrow' 2017.

Peter Rogers Lieutenant of the arrow.
Peter Rogers Lieutenant of the arrow

After two hours shooting a formal lunch for archers and guests was held at the Phoenix Sports and Social Club followed by the AGM.

Archers resumed a further two hours shooting after lunch in a terrific downpour of rain, which thankfully passed over after several minutes.

As the event ended and archers headed indoors for 'high tea' and the presentation of prizes.

A raffle for a custom-made longbow to be made by bowyer Adrian Hayes was won by Neil Dimmock of the British Longbow Society. Profits for the raffle are added to the Captain's chosen charity.

Chantry's Martin Jordan won the award for the highest score by a longbow archer. By tradition, all monetary prizes are returned to the clerk of the Society of Archers to be added to the total for the Captain's chosen charity. In total this amounted to hundreds of pounds.

A big thank you is due to Phoenix Golf Club for the loan of a golf buggy, which enabled some of our more elderly and less mobile archers to participate.

Tony Jones

Selby Archers Western

On Sunday 21st May we travelled to Selby for the above shoot. Also attending were Martin, Colin, Kay and Aarron (it was really pleasing to see Aarron who was attending his first "away" competition ). Martin and Rosie shot a long western which is 4 dozen at 80 yards and 4 dozen at 60yards. Kay and Colin shot a western which is 4 dozen at 60 yards and 4 dozen at 50 yards whilst Aaron shot a junior which is 4 dozen at 40 yards and 4 dozen at 30 yards. Selby is one of my favourite shoots as I like the venue and the organisers are very friendly and also even though it is record status there is not the ceremonial of timed ends therefore the competitors just get on with it. The end result being a smooth running day with a relatively early finish.

Our archers had a good day .Colin came third in the Gents Longbow , Rosie was best girl junior Longbow setting another UK record and Chantry won Longbow team ( Martin, Colin and Rosie )

Rob Elliott

Chantry Duck Shoot 27th May

On the 27th of May 20 or so archers of all ages joined us at the Phoenix for the inaugural Duck Shoot, so named because the overall winner would walk away with a 2 ft high luminous green furry duck as the prize.

Despite the inclement weather at the start of the day the gathered archers shot well and enjoyed a lovely lunch of pie and peas at the Phoenix.

The shoot resulted in 2 of our junior members setting a new Yorkshire record for the round they shot.

Lee Bartrop

Kirby Muxloe WA1440

On Sunday 23rd April Rosie and Martin travelled to compete in the above record status shoot accompanied by Rob Justine and Kay. Sighters were at 9 o clock so a 6-o'clock start from home was necessary ! On arrival conditions were poor for Archery as it was windy and cold . Martin's round was 3 dozen at 90 metres, 70 metres, 60 metres and 50 metres whilst Rosie shot the cadet round again 3 dozen but at 40 metres 30 metres 20 metres and 10 metres. As the day progressed the wind got stronger but the clouds cleared and it became really hot, wonderful for spectating but hard work shooting so by the end of the competition both of our Archers were shattered not to mention sunburnt. ! Both Martin and Rosie had successfully defended the titles they had won last year , Martin's score was a Master Bowman whilst Rosie had a set a new UK record breaking the one she set last year.

Rob Elliott

Lincoln Archers WA 70 and Head to Head

On Sunday 7th May Rosie and Martin travelled to Washingborough near Lincoln for the above shoot. Rob and Justine accompanied them but as it was another daft-o'clock start. Kay dipped out citing housework as an excuse! On arrival it was obvious Kay had made the right decision as the weather was overcast windy and very cold. The morning session for Martin was 6 dozen at 70 metres and for Rosie 6 dozen at 60 metres. When this session was finished we all retired to our tents to try and get warm ! Whilst we were doing this the organisers were deciding ( by scores ) who would face who in the afternoon session of head to head competition. This it where it becomes almost mission impossible for Longbow archers as they have to compete against Recurve archers. Martin was drawn against the second placed recurve as was Rosie in the cadet section. The formula for head to head is two archers shoot three arrow ends .The first one to reach the prescribed score for their competition goes forward to the next round and so forth until an overall winner is reached. If this sounds long winded - well, I can assure you it is! What makes it worse is that not all archers shoot at once. First we had junior compounds female then male etc, etc. By the time Rosie came to shoot I was fast losing the will to live and for the first time ever I was not unhappy that she lost ! Martin also made a quick exit so we were able to pack up and go home but even so it was still about 6-o'clock and apparently the final of the shoot took place at 8-o'clock.

I can honestly say that this is the first shoot that I have gone to with Rosie that I did not enjoy. The only plus to it was that despite the conditions she did manage to set another UK record.

Rob Elliott