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Chantry is an ArcheryGB registered club with Affiliations to NCAS & YAA. Some of our members have affiliations to BLBS & NFAS. Our membership includes men, women and children, aged 9 and upwards. Many of these engage in a range of tournaments both locally and through out the country.

For those who want to get involved with archery we run a beginner course including all the training you need to make a start, checkout the Beginners Course for all the details.

Further infomation can be found on the club's Facebook page available on the navigation bar above.

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Wednesday April 3rd Chantry Committee meeting - 7.30 pm at the Phoenix Sports and Social Club

New Lost Arrow Policy

Due to recent incidents of arrows shot by our members being found on the field by staff of Phoenix and also football players, we have been forced to adopt a mandatory club policy of "No name, no shoot".

This means that anyone who wants to shoot outside on the Phoenix field will be required to have their names printed on all arrows they intend to shoot. This can be done by either purchasing adhesive name labels or using a permanent marker.

We didn’t want to have to do this but due to recent events our hands a tied. The football season is back in full swing and we cannot under any circumstances leave any arrows on the field as is always been pointed out on numerous occasions including beginners lessons. If any user of that field slides or walks into an arrow that we have shot it could cause a major injury along with a possible lawsuit resulting in the loss of our shooting rights. Chantry Bowmen have never had any such incident to date since it was formed and we are not prepared to start now. If you do lose an arrow it is not a bad thing as it happens to everybody, but if you do lose one then you must immediately inform other members and we will endeavour to find it. If we can’t find it on practice nights or tournaments then it must be recorded by filling out the lost arrow record in container 2 which is pinned to the notice board. We will then continue the search until it is found.

Don’t worry, we will not just start turning people away if their arrows are not marked as we will supply a fine tipped marker in black or white/silver that will be kept in container 2 just in case someone didn’t get this message or just forgot. We will also be doing random checks and if found to be using unmarked arrows then you’ll be asked to leave the line immediately until it’s rectified.

This policy is in place immediately and as we say is now mandatory, no excuses, no exceptions.

Thank You

Chantry Bowmen.

You can download a copy of this policy here.

Thank You to Tesco and the People Of Rotherham

The members of Chantry Bowmen would like to say thank you to all the people of Rotherham who chose to support us during the recent 'Tesco Bags of Help' vote held at Rotherham's Tesco stores.

With your support we came first and were awarded a grant of £4000.00 which we used to purchase new equipment to support the running of our archery beginners course and for the general public at our 'Have-A-Go' sessions at local events, such as the Rotherham Show.

The equipment was purchased by our equipment officer, Trevor West, from a local archery shop, Custom Built Archery.

Photo. Several of the clubs younger archers show the equipment bought with the Tesco grant.
Several of Chantry Bowmens younger archers show the new equipment bought with the Tesco grant.

On Target - The Newsletter of Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham

The pdf for this newsletter is available for download here Issue 76 Part 1 Issue 76 Part 2

YAA Longbow Championship

On Saturday 5th August we attended the above shoot along with six other Archers from Chantry, Stewart, Lee, Martin, Trevor, Kay and Kelly.

The shoot was held in the sports field of the lovely village of Hutton Cranswick (near Driffield).

On arrival the first thing that struck me was the size and also the quality of the field. There was a cricket pitch, at least three football pitches, an enclosed five-a-side area, two state of the art hardsurface tennis courts and two grass tennis courts. The tennis and five-a-side areas were all floodlit. All this in a village the size of Wentworth. There is nothing like it in Rotherham. Just made me wonder why?

The weather was fine with an intermittent breeze along the length of the shoot, the gents were shooting a York (6 dozen at 100 yards, 4 dozen at 80 yards, 2 dozen at 60 yards). The Ladies shooting a double National (4 dozen at 60 yards, 2 dozen at 50 yards.) one round in the morning then another in the afternoon.

As usual with a Longbow shoot the atmosphere was cordial and the day progressed quickly all our archers shot well and at the end of the shoot we had two Champions ! Martin was Gentlemen champion (recording a score of 456 which is a GMB) whilst Rosie shot 477 which was a PB and a new Yorkshire record to retain her Junior title.

Trevor secured third place as did Kelly the Jack and Jill went to Martin and Kay and the team prize went to Chantry as well (Martin. Trevor and Rosie). All in all an excellent set of results and a proud day for our club.

Rob Elliott

British Target Championships

Rosie and Martin attended the above shoot, held annually at Lilleshall, attracting the best of British archers to compete to be the Champion in their particular discipline. The shoot was held over two days with 260 competitors on a total of 70 bosses with a points system to decide the overall winners.

There are three events to compete in, a WA720 which is six dozen arrows at 70m at a 122 cm face, a head to head follows decided by ranking after the WA 720. Those two disciplines are on the Saturday. On the Sunday the day is taken up by WA1440 which is to my mind the most difficult of rounds as it consists of 3 dozen arrows at 70m , 60m, 50m and 30 m for the ladies and 90m 70m, 50m and 30m for the gentlemen. The first two distances are at a 122cm face but the second two at the much smaller 80cm face. The 80cm face looked very very small at 50m and I had trouble spotting where arrows landed. Glad I wasn’t competing!

The scoring system was simple. Each archer received a point to match the position they finished ie first place scored 1 point whilst twenty fifth scored 25. The lowest total over the two days would be the winner. Both Rosie and Martin shot very well on the Saturday morning. Despite having to battle the cool strong cross-wind that affected the course, Martin finishing in third position and Rosie finished fourth scoring a new Junior UK record in the process.

The head to head followed which consisted of three arrow ends at 70m at a 122cm face the winner was the first archer to reach six points. The winner of each end received two points , one point each if the scores were equal. Martin was eliminated in the quarter finals. Rosie won her first round but was then drawn against Sheila Hudson who is without a doubt the best female archer in the country. Sheila won the first two rounds but Rosie fought back and won the next two to draw the scores level. We had our hearts in our mouths hoping Rosie would pull off the unthinkable but sadly it was not to be as Sheila showing a Champion’s skill and determination took the next end to win 6 to 4, Rosie did go on though to secure 3rd place a remarkable achievement for a 13 year old.

Sunday dawned a beautiful sunny day with thankfully very little wind, again both our archers shot well in the morning. Martin was hovering between 2nd and 3rd place and in doing so set a new Yorkshire record for a long metric which is the total of the scores for the 90m and 70m distances, whilst Rosie set a new Junior UK record at 70m and a new Junior UK record for a long metric . Martin continued in the same form in the afternoon session but Rosie began to show visible signs of tiring. Not surprising after all the physical and mental effort she had put into her shooting. However she battled gamely on and although not setting any more records she scored sufficient to achieve fourth place overall. A remarkable achievement for a 13 year old shooting in a senior tournament. Martin’s final total gave him third place overall. A fantastic result which he was delighted with.

Photo. Martin Jordan took third place overall in the gentlemans longbow competiton.

So in summary Chantry Bowmen have in their club the number three Gentleman Longbow archer in the UK and the number four Lady Longbow archer, something I think we should be proud of.

Rob Elliott

Durham and Northumberland Archery Association (DNAA) Longbow Championships

On Saturday 19th August we accompanied Rosie to shoot in the above competition which was held in the village of Ryton which is on the southern side of the River Tyne near to Gateshead.

On arrival at the shoot ( which was the local secondary school) the location was brilliant. High on a hill overlooking the Tyne Valley. The weather was fine and sunny. Only one problem, the wind ! The wind was exceptionally strong and as we were in such an exposed place its effect was multiplied, immediately we realised how difficult this shoot was going to be.

The host club is called Riverside Archers and it is a rarity being a predominantly Longbow Club they do have a few recurve members but none from the dark side ! Indeed speaking to the Chairman I was impressed by the work they are putting in to sustain Longbow archery in the North East in particular the coaching of juniors and this showed by the number of archers in this shoot. Six juniors and 34 adults. That is more Longbow archers than I have seen at any shoot over the last two years other than the Scorton.

The round to be shot was a Windsor for the Adults. This is three dozen at 60, 50, and 40 yards;for Rosie 30, 20 and 10yds all at a 122cm face.

As the shoot commenced the effect of the wind was a wonder to behold. The first problem was holding the bow steady in the gusts. You could see the bow moving dramatically from the vertical and the arrows being dislodged before being released. Once released the flight of the arrow was erratic and if it did hit the angle of entry was far from the horizontal.

Photo. Rosie Elliott takes aim with her long bow on her way to another record and retaining her title.
Rosie at the DNAA Longbow Championships.

After the first end I walked to view the rear of the bosses and there were that many misses the best way to describe it was like a lawn where a wooden fence had blown over !! The shoot continued in that vein all day but all credit to the competitors everyone of them just got on with it.

At the end of the day we were so proud of Rosie as she had only missed once all day and had a score that was a Yorkshire record and just short of a UK record a terrific effort in such appalling conditions.

To sum up, a great day out at such a friendly club where we were made so welcome. So much so that Rosie was given the honour of presenting a gift to the President of the DNAA after he had given his end of shoot speech.

Hopefully we will be able to attend next year.

Rob Elliott

Croesoswallt Archers Silver Dollar

On Sunday 3rd September we travelled to the above shoot at Oswestry (apparently Croesoswallt is the Welsh name for Oswestry ). Martin and Kay attended with us this being the first time for them, Rosie was attending to defend the junior title she attained last year.

On arrival at the shoot we were dismayed to find that the weather forecast was correct (for once), heavy rain was falling and a strong cold wind was blowing down the course.

The round was an American which is 30 arrows at 60 , 50 and 40 yards with one round shot in the morning and one in the afternoon making it a double.

Despite the appalling conditions our three archers persevered and at the end of the morning session Rosie had shot a PB resetting the UK record that she achieved last year, Martin was first place Gent, Kay was second Lady. However Kay had had enough and retired - and who could blame her; wet, cold, and a similar battering to come in the afternoon!

In the afternoon session there was no improvement in the weather - indeed the rain got heavier. Rosie battled gamely on but eventually succumbed to the conditions and despite finishing the shoot she could not get near her morning score and therefore could not improve her last years double score. Martin shot strongly to maintain his first place and therefore was the Champion Longbow Archer

What a day I witnessed. 15 dozen arrows shot in the most appalling of conditions is a feat of endurance for any archer and I had the utmost respect for all of the competitors.

Rob Elliott

Gloucester Open and Junior Championship 9th September

Rosie chose to enter this event, held at Deer Park Archers in Cheltenham )as the round she would shoot was a Short Junior Western and because of age limitations this would be her last chance to shoot it. Imagine the disappointment then when because of family commitments we were unable to travel, this is where our good friend Martin Jordan stepped in offering to drive Rosie to Cheltenham!

We were really grateful for this kind gesture but then on reading the entry form we realised that the organisers had made provision for adults to shoot as well and even better was that one of the rounds to be shot was a New Western and this was a round that Martin had never shot, so he was only too pleased to enter the competition. On arrival the weather was dull with little wind, Rosie’s round was four dozen at thirty yards and four dozen at twenty yards ,all at a 122 cm face. Rosie’s first two dozen arrows were fantastic, scoring a total of 184. She continued in that rich vein all day scoring two six gold ends at the twenty yard target. All this despite the heavy rain showers that developed and persisted all afternoon. Her final total was 780 (average of 97.5 per dozen) setting a new UK record, beating the old one by 233 points. The organiser of the tournament, himself a longbow archer commented, as he presented Rosie with her medal, "Rosie gave the finest example of longbow shooting I have ever seen."

(Rosie now holds 30 Yorkshire records and 28 UK records!) Editor

Martin meanwhile was also shooting exceptionally well. His round was four dozen at 100 yards and four dozen at 80 yards at a 122 cm face. Again despite the weather he shot a score of 317 which was an agonising two points short of a UK record. However it was a new record for Yorkshire beating the old one by 110 points. So from me a massive well done to both our archers and a big thank you to Martin for giving up his time to help us out.

Rob Elliott

Rotherham Show ‘Have-a-Go’ 9-10th September 2017

Photo. Several members of the club are walking away from the targets set up with catch netting behind for any stray arrows. Looks like all is ready for some people to have a go.

Many thanks to all members who turned out to help with Chantry Bowmen’s ‘Have-a-Go’ stall at Rotherham Show at Clifton Park. This is a major fundraiser for the club enabling the purchase of equipment and consumable and keeping down the rate foro the annuakl subs.

About 16 members turned up on Friday evening to set up the perimeter fence, marquee tent and the backstop netting leaving only the targets as the major job for the Saturday morning.

Despite the best efforts of the overnight wind and rain, the backstop netting was still standing on the Saturday morning. A wet, bleak and miserable day did not put off a number of members of the public coming along to ‘Have-a-Go’. About 20 club members put in time over the day to help.

Sunday dawned a much drier, but cooler day. The number of punters ‘having a go’ was greater than the previous day but not up to numbers in previous years. Again about 18 club members gave up all or some of their day to support the club.

A total of approx £800 was raised for club funds.

Once again many thanks to all who helped.

The 2017 Chantry Bowmen Firbeck Crecy Shoot

Over 100 archers in many bow disciplines attended the 9th Annual Chantry Bowmen Crecy archery tournament. Well organised as usual by Kay and Martin Jordan, the event took place on the field at Phoenix.

Seniors shot initially at mounted knights, then at men-at-arms and finally at kneeling crossbow men. Juniors shot at similar but nearer targets. A final volley of six arrows per archer peppered the grass around the 3D target of a standing knight, with about six arrows actually striking the target.

There were many presentations after the raffle. Many thanks to the field party who marked out the field the day before and who set up/took down all the equipment on the day.

The event raised over £1000 for club funds. The event will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year when it is hoped to be even bigger and better.

All the archers who shot in the competition pose in front of the blue knight after the shoot.
The archers gathered together in front of one of the target knights.

Barnsley Albion and Windsors Comp.

Not a bad day today (23rd September) at the Barnsley Albion and Windsors comp. Trevor West came second as well as taking the longbow team along with Colin Hope and Ged Hebdige. Ged also won the best longbow gold award.

This was also Callum Oates first away comp. He won his class, as well as setting a new PB and putting in a JMB score!! Nice one Cal!!!