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Chantry is an ArcheryGB registered club with Affiliations to NCAS & YAA. Some of our members have affiliations to BLBS & NFAS. Our membership includes men, women and children, aged 9 and upwards. Many of these engage in a range of tournaments both locally and through out the country.

For those who want to get involved with archery we run a beginner course including all the training you'd need to make a start, checkout the Learn to Shoot link above for all the details.

Further infomation can be found on the club's Facebook page available on the navigation bar above.

On Target - The Newsletter of Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham

The pdf for this newsletter is available for download here Issue 72

Upcoming Dates

4th April - Last Tuesday night at Thrybergh Sports Centre

6th April - First Thursday outdoor at Phoenix Sports and Social Club outdoor 6pm - dusk. Indoor still running at Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park 7.30 to 9.30pm.

11th April - First Tuesday outdoor at Phoenix Sports and Social Club 6pm - dusk.

Chorley Bowmen WA Combined

On Sunday 12th February Justine, Kay and myself accompanied Rosie and Martin who were to shoot in the above competition. The shoot was in Bamber Bridge so a 7-o'clock start was necessary. The drive over the M62 was quiet but interesting with frequent snow showers. On arrival the showers had stopped but it was still a bitterly cold day which we didn't know at the time was to have an effect on all of us later on.

The venue was superb - an indoor tennis school ! It consisted of two large halls each incorporating four full-size tennis courts. The halls were separated by a large gymnasium which had large glass windows which overlooked the hall where the shoot was to be held so our archers had a rather large audience all day! It was only when sighters were called that problems began. Archers from the dark side (compound) complained that the hot air from the roof mounted heaters was affecting their arrows so the heating was turned off. As a result the temperature dropped like a stone to match the intense cold outside! We were at the colder end of the hall near an aircon outlet from the gym therefore not only very cold but breezy as well. Archers, spectators and judges were all quickly adding extra clothing while at the compound end it was positively balmy as they had the benefit of outside windows letting in the sunshine which, although weak, warmed things up for them. No justice! On a serious note though, it was so cold that it did affect the shoot for Longbow, barebow and some recurve archers who were all at our end of the hall. Never before have I seen archers at an indoor shoot donning heavy coats between ends !

Photo of Martin Jordan on the shooting line having just shot an arrow from his longbow towards the target at the other end of the hall.

Rosie and Martin did their best. Indeed Martin was having a tremendous contest with some really good Lancashire bowmen in the morning session which was 5 dozen from 25 metres at a 60 cm face. Martin's total was 406, just three in front of second placed archer. Rosie had shot 264, which despite the conditions was a new UK Record.

We adjourned for lunch at the local Sainsbury's which had a nice warm cafe for us to thaw out in. On returning the hall was still bitterly cold, but all the archers just got on with it. The afternoon session was 5 dozen from 18 metres at a 40 cm face and Martin was having to garner all his expertise and concentration to hold off all challengers. He was successful in this and finished in first place with a total of 794. This is a new Yorkshire record. Rosie finished with a total of 548 which again was a UK record. Considering the conditions these scores were a brilliant achievement.

A good day out at an outstanding venue .

Rob Elliott

Presentation of Awards

Photo of Millie proudly wearing her 2nd class badge.

At the AGM on Sunday 26th February, awards were presented to the following club members.

  • Lee Bartrop - Bowman and most improved handicap
  • Kelly Marsh - 1st class
  • Trevor West - Bowman
  • Stewart Atkinson - Bowman
  • Kay Jordan - 2nd class
  • Millie Bartrop - 2nd class
  • Ian Mycroft - 2nd class

Barnsley Archery Club Early bird Western

On Sunday 05/03/17 Myself and Stewart Atkinson travelled to Barnsley Archery Clubs Early Bird Western at their Shaw Lane ground. This is a charity shoot and all proceeds from the raffle and food sales are given to local charities including Macmillan Cancer and Mindful. This year raised over £330 which is fantastic result and a credit to Barnsley Archery Club.

Having been fully aware of the predicted weather plenty of preparation went ahead the night before. On arrival, for once the weatherman was correct. It was definitely a wet one but with the right clothing and plenty of shelter (including my very popular fishing umbrella which we managed to snugly fit up to five archers underneath) we were ready.

No matter how much rain came down there was a general consensus that it was just good to be shooting outdoors again. For me it has felt like a very long winter and to once again let arrows fly at distance was more than welcome.

Photo of the shooting line and some wet archers.

The weather was also having an effect on our arrows due to fletchings looking like wet dogs and stability being effected but everyone was in the same boat (no pun) so it's how you overcome the conditions. Everyone was finding it hard going but hey, we're Longbowmen - we don't like easy. I felt like I had quite a good shoot and managed some decent ends at both distances. Stewart was shaking his head again but still smiling and was my saviour come lunch time by giving me shelter in his tent.

Finally the last end arrived and the field emptied very quickly with everyone getting shelter, dry clothes on and packing kit away. We then retired inside for the raffle and prize giving. Stewart and most of Arrowflight quickly filled the table with lots of alcoholic prizes.

When the results were read I thought I may have done enough to gain a medal as I'd just shot a PB. It turned out I finished 2nd to Lewis Mitchell by a mere 7 points.

Brilliant day, brilliant club and for me a cracking start to the year and Lewis, I shall see you at the ABBA. I want a rematch!

Trevor West.

Archers taking what shelter they can get behind the shooting line. With tents and umbrellas both being utilised to good effect. More archers on the shooting line looking soggy. Another umbrella gets used to shelter while taking the scores at the other end.

Yorkshire Indoor Championships

On Sunday 12th March Justine and myself accompanied Rosie to shoot in the above Championship, the only other archer from Chantry to attend was Colin who had Noel alongside him as an observer.

The shoot was a Portsmouth, the venue was Queen Elizabeth Grammar school in Wakefield. Not my favourite of places as it is rather small and therefore very cramped.

At the end of the shoot Colin was third place Gentleman and Rosie retained her title which she gained last year.

Rob Elliott.

ABBA Dabba Doo!

On Saturday 11th March the three of us travelled to Burton Agnes to attend the above shoot. On arrival we were pleasantly surprised by the number of archers from Chantry who were already there. However on reflection considering that it was a longbow shoot and that the host club are so friendly probably the surprise was that more of our archers did not attend!

Our merry band of archers consisted of Rosie, Martin, Kay, Stewart, Lee, Trevor, Millie, Kelly and myself. Rosie, Millie and myself shot a Short Western ( 30 arrows at 40 yards and 30 arrows at 30 yards). The rest of our team shot a Western (30 arrows at 60 yards 30 arrows at 50 yards).

The weather was fine, dry with little wind and not too cold so no excuses for not shooting well!

At the end of the shoot excuses were not needed as Chantry had a wonderful set of results to record. Martin claimed first Gentlemen, Kelly was 2nd Lady, Kay claimed 3rd Lady , Millie was 2nd Junior whilst Rosie retained her title attained last year and in doing so set a new Yorkshire record. Trevor shot a PB and also received a medal for the best gold. Kay and Martin won the Jack and Jill.

The usual hilarity occurred at the presentation when the diminutive Taffy attempted to put medals on our six foot plus archers!

All in all a great day out at a brilliant venue and hosted by the friendliest of clubs.

Rob Elliott