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Chantry is an ArcheryGB registered club with Affiliations to NCAS & YAA. Some of our members have affiliations to BLBS & NFAS. Our membership includes men, women and children, aged 9 and upwards. Many of these engage in a range of tournaments both locally and through out the country.

For those who want to get involved with archery we run a beginner course including all the training you need to make a start, checkout the Beginners Course for all the details.

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On Target - The Newsletter of Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham

The pdf for this newsletter is available for download here Issue 73

Upcoming Dates

Saturday May 6th Chantry Longbow Shoot - assembly at 11am, see our events page.

Saturday May 20th The Antient Scorton Silver Arrow is hosted at
Phoenix Sports and Social Club - assembly at 10am.

Saturday May 27th Chantry Duck Shoot - assembly at 10am, see our events page.

Green Lane Archers Stafford Round

On Sunday the 19th March two archers from Chantry, Rosie and Martin, competed in the above shoot. The venue was a sports hall in the town of Newbiggin by the Sea in Northumberland.

The shoot was put on by the local club, Green Lane Archers. When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised when the organiser, Graham Baker, warmly welcomed us saying what a pleasure it was to meet new archers, especially those who had travelled a long distance.

Martin and Rosie had opted to shoot in the afternoon session rather than in the morning. Sighters were at two-o'clock. A Stafford round is 72 arrows shot at an 80cm face, the distance being 30 metres. This was the first time either of our archers had shot this round indoors so a new experience all round. Also there was little space to spare in the hall and it was poorly lit.

There were 10 targets with four archers on each so the ambience was friendly and cosy with archers encouraging each other, especially the junior archers who were about ten in number.

Our two archers shot well all afternoon and both were really pleased with their final scores. Martin achieved 549 which gave him first place and a new Yorkshire record, Rosie’s total was 361 which gave her first place and a new UK record.

We left the venue at 6.30 feeling very happy and all agreeing it had been well worth the effort to travel the distance to attend.

Rob Elliott

Abba Dabba Doo!

On Saturday 11th March members of Chantry Bowmen travelled to Burton Agnes to attend an archery shoot organised by the Archers of Bridlington and Burton Agnes (ABBA) appropriately titled the Abba Dabba Doo!.

The archers, all shooting longbow, consisted of junior members Rosie Elliott and Millie Bartrop and seniors Martin and Kay Jordan , Stewart Atkinson, Lee Bartrop, Trevor West, Kelly Marsh and Rob Elliott.

Rosie, Millie and Rob shot a Short Western Round (30 arrows at 40 yards and 30 arrows at 30 yards). The rest of the team shot a Western Round (30 arrows at 60 yards 30 arrows at 50 yards).

The weather was fine: dry with little wind and not too cold so no excuses for not shooting well!

At the end of the shoot excuses were not needed as Chantry had a wonderful set of results to record - Martin Jordan claimed first Gentlemen, Kelly Marsh was 2nd Lady , Kay Jordan 3rd Lady, Millie Bartrop was 2nd junior whilst Rosie Elliott won, retaining her title attained last year and in doing so set a new Yorkshire record. Trevor West shot a Personal Best and also received a medal for the best gold, the 'Agincourt Volley' and shared the team medal with Martin Jordan and Lee Bartrop. Kay and Martin Jordan also won the Jack and Jill prize.

Rob Elliott

Photo. After a fine end nine of the bosses are hidden by a forest of wooden arrows. Photo. The shooting line is crowded with longbow archers at full draw ready for the order to loose as part of the Agincourt Volley.
Photos courtesy of ABBA. Brian LaunchBury and Andrew Fox.

Abbeydale archers Longbow shoot

On the first of April nine Archers from Chantry attended the above shoot. This for me was a return visit to another of my favourite venues the De la Salle sports field which is situated on a secluded hill at the back of Beachief Abbey.

The weather was fine although a little cool. The shoot was a Windsor Round which is 3 dozen at 60 yards 3 dozen at 50 yards and 3 dozen at 40 yards. Rosie had to shoot this round as the organiser mistakenly thought she was too old to shoot the Junior Windsor which is 3 dozen at 40 yards 3 dozen at 30 yards and 3 dozen at 20 yards.

After a pleasant day of archery Chantry once again had the lions share of prizes with the outstanding performance being from Millie Bartrop who in winning the junior prize claimed her first Yorkshire record. Kelly won the ladies title whilst Rosie set a Yorkshire record for a junior shooting a Windsor. In the men's round, Chantry’s nemesis Pat Revell took first place pushing Martin into second and Colin third.

Again another good day out and I am looking forward to going again next year.

Rob Elliott

Crazy National at White Rose Archers

On Saturday 25th March we travelled to Hebden Bridge for this shoot. I like going to new venues (new for me) as they always seem to be full of surprises. This one didn't disappoint. The drive from the M62 was interesting, driving past lots of old textile mills. On arrival in Hebden Bridge getting to the venue was an experience, driving down narrow one-way streets to arrive at a dead end where we had to park and walk over an old pack horse bridge spanning the River Calder. The venue was located in a beautiful narrow valley some quarter of a mile from where we had parked The weather was warm and sunny. A perfect day in beautiful surroundings.

The shoot was a Longbow competition. The morning session was a Long National (4 dozen at 80 yards and 2 dozen at 60 yards). The afternoon was a National (4 dozen at 60 yards and 2 dozen at 50 yards).

Nine Archers from Chantry attended, joining a gathering of about 30 other Archers.

The day went extremely well for our Archers

Kelly was 2nd Lady and Kay 3rd.

Martin was first gent and set a new Yorkshire record in doing so. He also won the best gold. Trevor was third gent.

Rosie was first junior also setting a new Yorkshire record, Millie was second junior.

Again a fantastic day out at another friendly club.

Rob Elliott

Cheltenham Archers

On Easter Monday we all travelled to Cheltenham for Rosie to compete in their shoot which was a Record Status National.

The venue was superb being in a field adjacent to Cheltenham Race Course and surrounded by the Malvern Hills. As an added bonus for me the preserved railway called, Gloucester and Warwick, ran at the side of the field with steam engines in operation all day.

The weather was fine but cool with a slight head wind facing the Archers. On arriving on target a bonus for Rosie was that a girl from Exeter of a similar age who shoots longbow and has set a few records herself was on the target, so the stage was set for a head to head!

The round was a junior National which is 4 dozen at 40 yards and 2 dozen at 30 yards. After first end nerves Rosie settled down and shot well, achieving an average of 55 per dozen at 40 yards and then really turned it on at 30 yards with an average of 75 per dozen. This gave her an overall score of 379 which was 148 ahead of her rival and also a new UK record.

A good afternoon’s sport and although it was a long way to travel to shoot 72 arrows the outcome made the effort well worthwhile!

Rob Elliott